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2020/3/13 23:44:11





//One person died in the accident of Tian Ziling landfill//

Hangzhou Environmental Group announced at 13:00 on January 1 that when five workers were carrying out the landfill operation in Tian Ziling landfill, due to the need of landfill, they had to lift the original plastic film in the landfill area and suddenly encountered methane in the process of operation.

Among them, Wang (40 years old, from Yiyang County, Henan Province) died of ineffective rescue after inhaling excessive biogas. The other four workers were in hospital for observation and were not in danger of life. At present, the operation of Tianziling landfill area is normal.





//Plasticizer detected in Huili children's shoes exceeds the standard//

Recently, Shanghai Huili Shoes Co., Ltd. was informed by the official website of the State Administration of market supervision that its samples of children's shoes were unqualified products in the spot check, and the unqualified reason was that the phthalate content in the samples exceeded the standard.

It is understood that phthalates are often added to footwear as plasticizers. It contains weak estrogen, which can enter the human body through breathing, diet and skin contact, causing harm to human health. For children, it can damage the liver and kidney, and also cause precocious puberty.





//China intensifies campaign against plastic pollution//

According to the guideline co-published Sunday by China's National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the country aims to gradually limit the production, use, and sale of single-use plastic items--from plastic bags to delivery packages--while also promoting alternative means to improve the recycling rate of plastic and reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfills.

Mao Da, a doctor of environmental history at Beijing Normal University, sees the long-awaited guideline as a "milestone policy" to replace the previous 2008 plastic ban and set new five-year goals combatting plastic pollution. However, he added that encouraging individuals to use biodegradable plastic, rather than reducing plastic use, would only hurt the environment in the long run.





//"Second hand plastic" contains toxic plasticizer!//

Recently, a professional who has been engaged in toy sales and wholesale for many years in the wholesale market near Zhengzhou railway station in China revealed that after the Spring Festival, he found many "second-hand plastic" toys appeared in the market.

It is understood that "second-hand plastic" contains harmful heavy metals and toxic plasticizers, which will cause harm to human body. In particular, if the toys made of "second-hand plastic" are exposed to children for a long time, it is likely to lead to chronic poisoning of children, which will have a serious impact on their healthy growth.





//During novel coronavirus pneumonia, how should people deal with medical waste?//

During the novel coronavirus pneumonia, masks, protective clothing and other large quantities of medical materials were consumed quickly, and then a large number of infectious medical wastes were generated. If these medical wastes are not treated properly, it will inevitably lead to secondary infection, leading to the spread of the epidemic. So how can these medical wastes be disposed?

On January 28, 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment put forward the following points: under the premise of ensuring the disposal effect, all localities can choose some facilities for emergency disposal of medical waste from pneumonia epidemic, such as mobile medical waste disposal facilities, hazardous waste incineration facilities, etc.; they can also transfer relevant medical waste, according to the cross regional collaborative mechanism of emergency disposal, to nearby medical waste centralized disposal facilities for disposal.



据报道,一艘装载了2400吨液态丙烯的利比里亚籍轮船(GAS PRODIGY),于2月10日16时进靠福州中江化工码头卸货。码头作业人员检查时发现,该轮1号货舱的1号货泵法兰出现裂缝并发生丙烯气体泄露。


//Propylene leakage from Liberian ships//

It is reported that a Liberian ship (GAS PRODIGY) carrying 2400 tons of liquid propylene entered Fuzhou Zhongjiang chemical terminal at 16:00 on February 10 for unloading. During the inspection, the dock operators found that the flange of cargo pump 1 in cargo hold 1 of the ship had cracks and propylene gas leakage.

It is understood that propylene is a colorless, slightly sweet gas under normal temperature, which is extremely flammable, and there is a risk of combustion and explosion on site. At present, the professional maintenance team is in the process of processing.




//A sudden explosion of an enterprise in Huludao, Liaoning!//

At about 19:50 on February 11, 2020, an explosion occurred in the enoxazone workshop of Liaoning Xianda Agricultural Science Co., Ltd. located in Huludao Economic Development Zone. The fire department rushed to the scene for rescue as soon as they got the news. According to preliminary confirmation, 2 people died, 3 people lost contact and 6 people were injured in the accident. The injured people have been sent to the hospital for treatment and there is no life danger.






//High level of unsafe chemicals found in well near Yokota base//


//疑增塑剂DBP超标,宜家全球召回旅行杯 //



//Ikea recalls travel cups after discovering DBP, a plasticizer, was found to be excessive//





//Last batch of imported trash sent back to South Korea//

 https://globalnation.inquirer.net/183235/last-batch-of-imported-         trash-sent-back-to-south-korea#ixzz6BWBE48mH




//High levels of banned chemicals in dolphins//



曼谷的海滨邻居龙仔厝府(Samut Sakhon)有很多海鲜加工厂、铁厂和回收厂。官方数据显示,工业使该省富裕起来,一跃成为国内GDP的前五大贡献省份。

但泰国生态预警与恢复组织(一个著名的监测工业污染的环保组织)的负责人彭重唐(Penchom Tang)说,龙仔厝府可能是泰国污染最严重的省份之一。他表示,这在一定程度上是由于其大多数工厂都是中小型企业,因为政府没有针对大型环境基础设施的进行系统的计划或投资。

//Pursuing development at the cost of the environment//






The EU will ban the recycling of materials that harm children's intelligence